Group teaching experience (courses)

Responsible teacher

  • SPT-E4030 Traffic Management

Regular teaching

  • RYM-C2003 Measuring, modeling and simulation of built environment
  • YYT-C2004 Sustainable Transportation System
  • ENG-A1005 – Future Forum of Engineering Science

Other teaching and past courses

  • ARK-C5005 – Planning of the future
  • SPT-E1050 – Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living Environment
  • SPT-E8010 – Smart and Liveable City Studio
  • Helsinki Summer School on Transportation
  • Yhd-0.1110 Introduction to Transportation Engineering
  • Yhd-71.3145 Traffic Simulation
  • Ene-59.4301 Energy Systems for Communities
  • Yhd-71.2120 Planning of Transportation System
  • Yhd-71.148 Transportation Telematics
  • Yhd-71.150 Traffic control
  • Yhd-71.135  Traffic models and predictions
  • Transportation planning at Dipoli center of executive education
  • Traffic simulation course at KTH
  • Simulation programming course at KTH
  • Research related seminar or workshop presentations/lectures at: The Nottingham-Trent University, Ruhr University of Bochum, Technical University of Delft and in Los Alamos National Laboratories, University of Catalonia, Das Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI), University of Durham, University of Huddersfield, etc.

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