Development of systems and research infrastructure
for intelligent transport.

SIMON (2015-)

Commercial traffic management software based on FITS and radar technology.

Currently being installed into the Silicon Valley by RSM Technology, USA.

FITS (2008-2014)

Commercial software developed by Road Safety Management (RSM Ltd. Ireland) Based on FUSICO software. IPR bought by RSM Ltd. from Helsinki University of Technology. Patented by RSM Ltd. Presented in the InterTraffic-exhibition (2010 & 2012) and other events.


Traffic information concept and system based on sensor fusion, real-time modeling and data infrastructures. Test sites in Nottingham, Helsinki, Vantaa. Finnish Transport Agency adopted the name and main aspects of the concept.

FUSICO (1996- )

Intelligent traffic signal control system based on real-time modeling, multi-agent control and fuzzy logic. Used in research of intelligent traffic control together with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

HUTSIM (1989- )

Microscopic traffic simulation system. HUTSIM licenses were sold commercially around the world during 1993-2000. Yearly HUTSIM-days were organized in seven times. Currently used in teaching and in various research projects.


In the permanent exhibition of the Science Center HEUREKA.

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