Grading committee


Advisor of doctoral theses

Advisor of master theses

  • Valtteri Karttunen (2020). Evaluation of street work costs and impacts in the inner city of Helsinki.
  • Elisa Heimo (2020). Road safety audit beyond Trans-European road network.
  • Juho Björkman (2020). Simulation principles of urban heavy rail traffic.
  • Tuomas Toivio (2018). Adaptive framework with policy setting tool for fuzzy logic based traffic signal controller.
  • Tomas Boril (2014). Modeling emississions on ring road of Prague.
  • Hannes Keskikiikonen (2014). The potential of crowdsensing in traveling behavior studies
  • Niko Setälä (2007). Traffic signal control system based on weather, road and traffic conditions
  • Thomas Twietholt (2005). Calibration of two-lane rural road simulation model. M.Sc. thesis. Ruhr University of Bochum.
  • Kari Koskinen (2005). Simulation of automatic persons and goods mover (APGM)
  • Reetta Jokinen (2004). Simulation of signal controlled intersections with real-time traffic.
  • Sampo Hietanen (2004). The business logic of mobile services for travelers – Case mobile road weather.
  • Heli Mattila (2003). Real-time estimation of traffic conditions on road sections.
  • Laura Lanne (2003). Microscopic simulation of bus -line operation.
  • Heidi Arjamaa (2003). Planning of real-time database model for traffic.
  • Vesa Laakko (1998). Three dimensional presentation of traffic simulation.
  • Irfan Gul (1998). A Java interface for a GIS traffic system. M.Sc. thesis.
    The Nottingham-Trent University, Department of Computing.
  • Kalin Penev (1998) Geographical Information Systems: Support for Traffic Management. The Nottingham-Trent University, Department of Computing.
  • Jarkko Niittymäki (1993). The calibration of HUTSIM traffic signal simulator.

 Other graduate theses

  • Emmerich & Courbey (2004). Visualization of traffic simulation in urban planning. French Naval Academy.
  • Chabredier & David (2003). Calibration tool for microscopic traffic simulation. French Naval academy.

Software project courses T-76.115 (supervising a group work)

  • Project group ITSUPS (2005). Integration of traffic simulation with urban planning system.
  • Project group AMPEL (2004). Development of interactive traffic signal game. The result of the project is in permanent use in the science center HEUREKA.

Supervision of several special assignments and bachelor theses

Academic advisor for bachelor students

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